Deborah E.

Visual Merchandising Manager
19 years with ECCO

My favorite place in the world is wherever my ECCO shoes take me.
What inspires me is being challenged creatively and thinking outside of the box. My position allows for the opportunity to collaborate with other ECCO employees throughout our global organization, wholesale to retail. I find it fascinating to interact with those having my role in other regions, allowing exposure to new ways of thinking.
The great thing about shoes They are part of the adventure of your life, allowing you to express a different part of yourself with every style.
My greatest achievement with ECCO to date was an opportunity to become a shoemaker in our Mini Cow to Shoe Program in Thailand. Experiencing first hand all of ECCO’s shoe making processes and working with fellow Thai colleagues was an experience I will not forget.

Evan W.

Channel Manager - e-Commerce
12 years with ECCO

An interesting fact about my job during my time at ECCO I have had the unique opportunity to have 5 different jobs/roles.  Each role has given me experiences and insights that I am able to incorporate into my current role.  It has also allowed me to work with a wide range of departments and people.
My favorite place in the world is first would be spending time with my family/daughters.  Second has to be getting out for an afternoon on my motorcycle.  It’s few and far between right now with the weather in the Northwest however when you do get a day of sunshine and a few hours it’s pretty hard to beat.
When you first become part of the ECCO family you I was impressed with the work ethic within ECCO.  Don’t get me wrong ECCO has their fair share of fun but when it is time to get to work ECCO employees work extremely hard and I have admired that from day one.
What excites me most about my job is the ever changing environment.  There is nothing static about the e-commerce channel.  Every day seems to bring new ideas, new ways of working and new ways to drive the business.  It’s exciting to watch it evolve on a daily basis and to think where it will be in a year or two down the road.

Frewoini S.

Brand Ambassador
5 years with ECCO

An interesting fact about my job we have a large non English speaking customer base and trying to communicate is quite a challenge and fun at the same time.
My favorite time of the day is mornings- starting a fresh new day.
My favorite place in the world is Ethiopia- My birth place
The thing I love most about my job is getting new customers as excited about the shoes as I am.

John M.

Business Analyst/Programmer
9 years with ECCO

What inspires me is those instances of opportunity that allow me to help someone else succeed in doing something.
When you first become part of the ECCO family you Realize that that phrase is not merely lip service, as it oftentimes is. The culture at ECCO is one where everyone is appreciated and respected.
The thing I love most about my job is the people that I work with everyday.
What excites me most about my job is that every day provides a different set of challenges. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with identifying/reassessing the day’s priorities and addressing those issues.

Megg B.

Wholesale CS Rep
2 years, 2 months with ECCO

What inspires me is the people I work with. Some of my coworkers have been with ECCO for 20+ years, and are still passionate about what they do. I like to picture myself 15 years down the road still being excited to come to work each day. That kind of dedication is very admirable.
The great thing about shoes they can be a great focal point of your outfit. I wear mostly black clothing, and I use shoes as an adventurous colour pop. There is something about bright coloured shoes that just makes you happy. I have a lot of fun picking out what shoes I want to wear each week.
When you first become part of the ECCO family you realize that you are now part of a big team, and everyone here is rooting for you. I’m consistently impressed by the willingness of my peers and managers to help and guide me along. No one ever hesitates to lend a hand, or answer a question.  All the departments really work hand in hand to make sure everything moves along as smooth as possible.
My passion is product knowledge! I love learning all the facts about all the products each time a new line comes out. There is so many interesting techniques, fabrics, and design attributes we use in our products. There is always a lot to learn about each and every new product.

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