ECCO is a genuine multinational business with a rich mix of cultures, languages and backgrounds. ECCO respects each individual and wants all its employees to be treated with respect and dignity. With activities in about 90 countries of unique cultures and customs, ECCO experiences the strength that comes from diversity every day.

The ECCO Code of Conduct states that ECCO, in all decisions and all actions, will remember that it is a guest in each of the countries in which it operates and will always respect the local culture.


We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while increasing the positive impact we have in our global communities. We have a responsibility to be an environmentally responsible neighbor and conserve resources for future generations through sustainable development.

ECCO follows the principles of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle to measure its impact on the environment. Our ECCO Environmental Management System (EEMS) and our lean production methods foster a continual improvement, waste-elimination culture that involves all employees. Together, we work to increase our energy efficiency, decrease water use and waste, prevent pollution, reduce and reuse materials, and recycle wastes from our tanneries and shoe factories.


Wherever we operate, we believe in being involved in the communities of which we are a part. Engaging in social responsibility is a natural part of how we do business, a fundamental part of our heritage and a clear reflection of our corporate values.

ECCO has a long tradition of engaging in local communities. Through our charitable partnerships and activities we wish to promote healthy & active lifestyle, innovative learning, and local development & cohesion.

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