Scandinavian Lifestyle

A balanced way of living

We Scandinavians strive to lead balanced, active lifestyles. It seems we design our living areas accordingly. Scandinavian countries and cities routinely lead international quality of life rankings.

Nature is important to most Scandinavians, both for leisure and sport -- and as a constant source of creative inspiration. Beautiful seasides, mountains, forests and our unique fjords are treasured features of our Nordic geography.

Scandinavians strive to live a life that is balanced, relaxed, peaceful, and active. When visiting Scandinavia you will experience “hygge”, a fundamental notion of Scandinavian and in particular Danish lifestyle. “Hygge” is about small pleasures, coziness, and could almost be perceived as Denmark’s trademark.

the taste of scandinavia

Scandinavian cuisine is well-known for its passion for natural ingredients and simple, artful presentation of the food. Including local vegetables, fresh berries, lobster, herring, salmon and rustic dairy products. The ingredients are mainly local according to the New Nordic Cuisine manifesto: The belief that local food is not only the healthiest alternative for locals, but also the most sustainable choice in terms of production costs and food safety.

Scandinavian Lifestyle