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Design and Architecture

Form follows function is the core principle of Scandinavian fashion. In essence, we believe function should be beautiful, and beauty should be functional. Scandinavian designers are famous for creating timeless appeal with sleek simplicity.

We create style based on clean lines, beautiful leathers and premium materials. A design is considered finished only when it is free of unnecessary elements. Every shoe is crafted to follow the motions of the foot. This is why all ECCO shoes are lightweight, soft and flexible.

Scandinavian design combines crafts, fine arts, preached modernism, simplified forms, rationality and functionality. Scandinavian design is known the world over for its clean lines and tasteful simplicity, uniting form and function. Denmark presents an intriguing blend of the old and the new, and radical contemporary architecture.

Scandinavian’s renowned furniture design industry is known for its beautiful use of wood and we ourselves are among the world’s leading producers of premium natural leathers. Renowned Scandinavian design includes the porcelain of Royal Copenhagen, the glass of Orrefors, the cottages of Dalarna in Sweden, and the furniture of Fritz Hansen and Hennses & Mauritz. Famous landmarks by Scandinavian architects include Jorn Utzon’s Sidney Opera House.

From Design to Your Feet

It all starts at ECCO’s Design Center. ECCO’s designers search for inspiration from many sources - from fashion, art, architecture, the car industry, and of course, they follow what is happening in society closely.

Nevertheless, they remain influenced by Scandinavian design, nature around them and our ECCO heritage. No shoe ever leaves the Design Center without it being checked for lightness, softness, flexibility, comfort and fit.

Scandinavian Lifestyle