Scandinavian Lifestyle

Fashionable scandinavia

Scandinavians tend to showcase their lifestyle in the way they dress. The clothing is to reflect their lifestyle, daytime or evening - relaxed, comfortable, contemporary and cool, without being too conspicuous.

Scandinavia’s renowned fashion industry is known for its beautiful use of natural materials, even ecological materials.

scandinavian design influence

Across the world, Scandinavian design is regarded as exclusive and stylish, yet functional and simple - and always of high quality. ECCO shoes are no exception. Our follow-the-foot design philosophy, with its simple, elegant aesthetics, is routed in Danish design.

beautiful leathers

We are passionate about making shoes and everything that goes into it - from tanning leather to stitching. WE have been producing leather since 1986 and have a passion for what we do - and passion creates quality.

We seek inspiration from fashion, color, texture - combined with simple design principles. The result - our leathers are rich and subtle, crafted in our own tanneries.

Scandinavian Lifestyle